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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota


Ah, maybe that is you that has your caps lock key stuck or has has decided to write in all capital letters to get your point across in emails?

Shame on you. In the world of email etiquette, you are shouting, or should I say, SHOUTING!

After recently receiving emails in all caps, I thought it might be nice to offer some remedial help. Many might not even know of this nasty habit.

If you think it will help get the point across better or faster, not really. You are shouting in your communication and the message is lost, then I press delete. You are familiar with the boy that cried wolf? When there was really a wolf he was not believed as he has been crying wolf when there was no wolf to be found.

If you get another shouting email all caps, an important message might be there waiting for you, but you are tired of the shouting, so you push delete and never read about an important family, work or emergency news.

if you are writing in all lower case letters, that’s like whispering. i have a friend that does this and always wondered if they were still in a poetry class time warp, and not in the real world workforce.

Learn to use your keyboard
Learning to type or learning how to use your keyboard might be helpful if you are only using all capital letters. Here a link to help you find your way to a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters.

If you are working full time in today’s market where it hard to find jobs, there is someone waiting to replace you, so careful with the all caps. If you are writing a cover letter for a job application, please seek help and have a friend or family member review your application before you send your letter.

If you are having trouble with your caps lock button, consider having the keyboard cleaned, repaired or replaced. If you like to shout with your keyboard, reserve your shouting for real emergencies. You just might be a better communicator. REALLY!

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About Jannet Walsh
Working in media and public relations during recession-high unemployment rates in Florida at Workforce Connection, a regional workforce board, Walsh worked on workforce education, training and unemployment topics in Citrus, Levy and Marion Counties in Florida. She also wrote on topics related to workforce issues for both employers and job candidates as a columnist and was a contributor to the 2010 Great Communicator Award for an Institution awarded to Workforce Connection from the Ocala Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Society. Read full biography of Jannet Walsh.

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