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Pack your bags, 2011!

Dec. 30, 2011
By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

During a happy moment in 2011 at the Portland Amtrak Union Station in October 2011. Jannet Walsh, Minnesota Native Daughter

It’s time for 2011 to pack and make room for 2012.

I will remember 2011 as the year I’m laid off, again. (This means I’ll get an even better job in 2012 than I was laid off from in 2011.)

It’s the year my mother dies. (This means my mother is in heaven, a better location with no war, illness, pain, poverty, suffering, unemployment or worrying about why the economy is in the dumps.)

It’s the year of countless job rejections, and few job interviews. (This means I will get a better job than the one I was recently rejected from!)

It’s the year a black bear hit my car in Wisconsin. (This means the long hair samples embedded in my car will be great for conversation in 2012.)

It can only get better in 2012. (This means I will have more opportunities than challenges in 2012. I’ll be laughing and crying when I receive a job offer in 2012 as it will be more than I could have dreamed. It also means I will update my CNN video to say I did get a better job than I was lost in 2011. Click here to view CNN video.)

Pack your bags, 2011, as 2012 is at the door about to knock. (This means 2011 has stayed long enough. Adios!)

Christmas Tribute
A Christmas carol video is posted with my late mother Margaret I. Walsh of Litchfield, Minnesota, along with me, singing “Silent Night” last Christmas. It was recorded with my iPhone.
Click here to view video on CNN iReport and read the full story.

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