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There’s only 303 people in Murdock, but there is still an active farming community going strong after being surveyed and platted in 1878 and incorporated in 1881. Many of the original families that settled in the 1870s are still here, just like my family and still call Murdock home.

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  1. We are related!!!!!

    I was talking with my mother, Angela Duffy O’Connor, age 94, tonight and she was asking me about your relatives. She mentioned Monica Osterbauer, formerly Monica Walsh. She is my mother’s first cousin and my mother has not heard from her for more than a year. She is concerned about Monica and wondered if she is ill or what happened. Monica has been so good about writing to my mother and keeping in touch. I told mom that I would Google Murdock, Minnesota and Mary McGinty Walsh to see if I could, by chance, locate any relatives in Murdoch or Swift County. Maybe this way I could find out about Monica. I did not expect to find anything-but here you are!

    You see, Mary Regina Walsh, the daughter of Mary McGinty, is my grandmother. Mary Regina Walsh married Frank Duffy in March 1915 in Sacred Heart church in Murdock. I am still wearing her wedding band. Coincidentally, I was married in a Sacred Heart parish, here in St. Louis MO in 1990. Mary Regina (known as Mayme Duffy) lived until 1983. She went to Murdoch whenever she could during her lifetime to visit her brother, Martin, and her other relatives there. My mother said that they used to call him “Mart” and he was a journalist and worked in Minneapolis. Mary Regina (Mayme) and Frank Duffy had five children who lived in Sac City IA. My mother, Angela was the oldest-born in 1916. Then sisters Marie and Grace were born. Both Marie (Hamm) and Grace (Green) are alive, in their 90s now. Then came my uncle Francis Duffy (deceased in 1999) and his brother, Raymond Duffy, still living in Sac City.

    I have the original bible, which contains information about the ancestors. Please let me know if you are interested in more genealogy. My mother cannot travel now, but her mind is very good about the past. She remembers going to Minnesota in a Model T as a child. She said the tires would blow out often due to the poor roads. She has other memories of Murdoch also. My mother still has memories of Mary McGinty and was sharing one of them with me tonight.

    I would love to hear from you. I would have to figure out the exact relationship, but we are cousins. I watch that show “who do you think you are” and find it interesting. I have wanted to know more about my Irish roots also.

    A little about me. I live in St Louis MO and have since I was married in 1990. I am 53 now. I have two brothers. we grew up in Sioux City IA (this is where Angela moved after high school, during the Great Depression). Angela lived in Sioux City from the 1930s until 2004, when she moved to the town where my brothers live.

    My mother and I would be THRILLED to hear any news from you or anyone in Swift County.

    Thanks so much for reading all this. I, too, am a great dog lover. I have two Hungarian Vizslas. We have had viszlas for over 20 years. My husband is a hunter and he enjoys training the dogs and hunting with them.

    Your pictures “out your window” are beautiful. I always wanted to see Minnesota. I have heard so much about it over the years.

    You can reach me by email at

    Have a great day! Mary Martin (yes, like Peter Pan, except I cannot fly)

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