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Foley family branches – Update

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

David and Kay Frederickson of St. Paul, formerly of Murdock. Kay is my second cousin from my grandmother “Jennie” Walsh’s family.

My blog reconnects branches on the family tree.

Shortly after I started my Minnesota Native Daughter blog in Sept. 2010, Kay Frederickson of St. Paul wrote to tell me of our family connections. If I have it charted properly, we are second cousins.

Sisters – Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh and Rose (Foley) Pothen

My maternal grandmother Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh, known to most as “Jennie” Walsh, was the great-aunt of Kay Frederickson. Rose (Foley) Pothen was the sister my grandmother “Jennie” Walsh.

Update with great-grandmother’s name
My Uncle Doug, that’s E. Douglas Larson from the Twin Cities, my godfather and family tree expert, just emailed me the missing information of my great-grandparents Stephen Foley and Catherine (Meier)Foley.

Stephen Foley, born Sept.15 1846 and May 3, 1913, born in Maine
Catherine Meier, born March 14, 1855 and Jan. 4, 1921, born in Luxembourg, according to 1880 U.S. Census (Listed as Germany, but updated as Luxembourg, which also goes with stories I heard as a child.)
Marriage – about 1876

Click here for the search link that was used for the information.

(See above for updated information – I am not sure of both first names of the parents of the Foley sisters, but Stephen Foley is the name of my maternal great-grandfather. If you know my great-grandmother’s first name, please update me if you have details.)

There is a stained glass window at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Murdock of Saint Paul dedicated to the Stephen Foley Family, the family of my maternal great-grandparents. Kay and myself are great-grandchildren of Stephen Foley.

First cousins – Anne (Pothen) Kennedy and Martin J. Walsh Jr.

Kay’s parents were Jack Kennedy and Anne (Pothen) Kennedy from the Murdock area. Anne’s mother was Rose (Foley) Pothen, sister of my grandmother “Jennie” Walsh, the mother of my late father Martin J. Walsh Jr., along with his sisters Agnes (Walsh) Shopa and Margaret Walsh. This makes my dad, along with his sisters, first cousins with Anne.

Second cousins – Kay (Kennedy) Frederickson and Jannet Walsh

On Dec. 21, 2010, I blogged about Murdock’s native son David Frederickson’s appointment as the new Minnesota agriculture commissioner. I missed the connection that David is the husband of Kay Frederickson, but I’m glad Kay wrote to update me.

About my second cousin Kay
I think Kay looks like a Foley family member, hard to describe, but a good look. She wrote me how proud she is of her husband, David. They lived and farmed five miles north Murdock for about 24 years, and also raised two children Anna and Emelyn, both now in their 30s. (Anna and Emelyn would be my third cousins, right?)

Besides farming near Murdock, David was elected to the Minnesota State Senate in 1986 and served until 1991. He was elected as president of the Minnesota Farmers Union for eleven years and was elected president of the National Farmers Union for four years. Most recently he worked Senator Amy Klobuchar as Agriculture Outreach Director.

I recently asked my aunt Margaret Walsh, age 93, of Murdock, what she recalled about the Frederickson family. She told me the family was very involved in politics and farming, but was considered to be very honest , which is good to hear.

It would be great to meet Kay and her husband David in the future. Maybe I can get a few agricultural pointers for a backyard garden!

If you have any additional information to add to this blog post, family information, Murdock related history or if you think you are related to me, contact me at

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