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Video with iPhone and tripod

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

You might have an iPhone or other way-too-smart phone with video already. If you want even better video, you might consider attaching your “Dick Tracy” device to a tripod to get a steady looking video.

I shot a video the last week of Oct. 2010 to test my iPhone attached to a tripod when I had an opportunity to participate in a seminar funded in part by the Ford Foundation at the Poynter Institute, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. I joined 30 people from around the United States, including international participants, from a mixture of journalism and non-journalism backgrounds, now participating in the media, such as blogging.

Click here to view examples of iPhone video, with and without a tripod, found on my blog.

Resources for iPhone mounts for tripods
iPhone Tripod Holder
Mosy Mount
The Glif
Journalist’s Toolbox

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