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Featured iReporter on CNN promo!

Jan. 4, 2012
By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

I do displaced worker up right with the help of CNN!

Ok, something is wrong with the statement above. First, displaced worker, the nice wording for unemployed or laid off worker, has a confusing sound to it, but I have been featured on CNN several times in a promotional video related to our nation’s election called America’s Choice.

I have a great work history, and returned home to Minnesota just over a year ago to be with my mother before she died and help my aunt in another nursing home. I found a job, but was laid off as the position was eliminated. Click to view my professional profile.

The year 2011 brought challenges. This year, 2012, I’m ready for opportunties!

Click to view CNN iReport with Jannet Walsh as a featured CNN iReporter.

Jannet Walsh – I am looking for employment opportunites in the Willmar, Minnesota area. Please take a look at my professional profile.
Contact: Jannet Walsh at

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